Military and Law Enforcement

Our technology has the potential to change the way that military and law enforcement respond to threats of blasts and associated projectiles and shrapnel. The rapid deployment capabilities of our system can greatly reduce the time to contain an area or object. Thus, minimizing the necessary stand-off distances and area that must be evacuated in the event of a threat. Most importantly, the potential for serious injury, death, and collateral damage can be greatly reduced.

Imagine military and law enforcement personnel being able to secure an object or area from threat of blast, shrapnel, and projectiles with a few rolls of fabric stored in the back of an SUV. In addition to Blast Curtains and Bomb Cloths, we have the ability to develop tents, garments, and numerous other fabric products for blast and frag mitigation.

Blast ProTM Products for Military and Law Enforcement

Mitigate Blasts, Contain Projectiles

  • Spall Liners for Vehicles & Aircraft
  • Clothing & Gear
  • Deployable Fortification
  • Personal Safety Wrap
  • Window Curtains
  • Modular Blankets that connect to one another easily
  • High Temp & insulating Products
  • Ballistic Panels
  • Aerospace Luggage & Fuselage Enclosures