LWX Line Wraps

The LWX™ Line Wrap is an enclosure and restraint system for high pressure piping and hoses that offers 360-degree protection from high pressure fluid jet and projectiles and also restrains the equipment in a failure event.

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Blast Control Pressure Pro Material

Pressure Pro Core Material

Cut and Abrasion Resistant, energy absorbent material that mitigates fluid jets.

Blast Control FR Vinyl Cover

FR Vinyl Cover

100% waterproof FR Vinyl with industrial grade durability that’s flame resistant per NFPA 701(s).

Blast Control Amsteel Rope

Integrated Closure

High strength Amsteel synthetic rope that can be anchored to any structure without special equipment

Installation Method

Enclosure and Restraint System for High Pressure Piping and Hoses.

  • BC LWX Installation 1
    1) Place Line Wrap beneath high pressure line.

Blast Control LMW Line Wrap
Blast Control LMW Line Wrap

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