Next Generation Pressure Test Barriers & Blast Curtains

Blast Control provides cutting edge engineered pressure test barriers that safeguard personnel, save money and streamline operations. Our revolutionary projectile barriers are flexible, mobile and efficient. Blast Control’s technology makes it possible to apply barriers in places where no feasible solutions exist with traditional materials. Permanent steel and concrete pressure test enclosures are a necessity of the past.

Who We Are

Pressure Test Enclosures

Blast Control designs and manufactures a wide array of pressure test enclosures to suit specific operational needs. We provide systems of all sizes which may be configured simi-permanent, mobile and/or modular. Available features include retractable roofs for overhead crane access, automation, pressure control equipment and more.

Product Details

Blast Blanket Wraps

Wrapping a Pressure Pro® barrier around equipment is a simple and efficient way to form a portable pressure test enclosure.

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Rail Mounted Blast Curtains

Modular Altrac trolley rails form retractable blast curtain systems commonly used to form barriers around equipment in facilities and offshore drilling rigs.

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Mobile Barrier & Enclosure Systems

A versatile new system for pressure testing protection that allows numerous barrier configurations to be formed in facilities and in the field.

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Custom Equipment Covers

We regularly provide protective covers for the high pressure units (HPUs) that supply the pressure to components for pressure testing.

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Blast Control’s Pressure ProTM barriers allow industry leaders to safeguard their personnel and achieve significant cost savings by enhancing the efficiency of operations.

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Third Party Testing

Our Pressure ProTM products are proven to contain projectiles dispersed from high pressure equipment failure.

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Custom Solutions

We are a solutions company. With our own engineering and product development team, we create custom solutions tailored for your business.

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Oil & Gas

Blast Control saves oil & gas operators millions of dollars by providing the ability to pressure test equipment without shutting down or evacuating a rig.


We deliver breakthrough protective solutions to the aerospace sectors.

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