Pressure Test Enclosures

Blast Control designs and manufactures a wide array of pressure test enclosures to suit specific operational needs. We provide systems of all sizes which may be configured simi-permanent, mobile and/or modular. Available features include retractable roofs for overhead crane access, automation, pressure control equipment and more.

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Custom Pressure Test Enclosure

Blast Control produces advanced pressure test enclosures that offer several advantages over traditional pressure test cells and bunkers constructed from steel or concrete.

pressure test enclosure system

Pressure Test Booths

Our mobile and modular designs provide the ability to relocate or reconfigure a test booth. This is extremely beneficial in the event that an organization moves to a new location or adds larger equipment to their operations, which are very common occurrences.

Each pressure test booth is engineered to mitigate the potential hazards posed by the specific equipment being pressure tested. An engineered pressure test enclosure is critical to ensure personnel and infrastructure are safely protected.

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MTX™ Modular Test Enclosures

blast control MTX™ modular test enclosures

Our line of MTX™ Modular Test Enclosures feature Pressure Pro® Barriers affixed to a modular support structure to form cutting edge pressure test booth systems. These innovative systems incorporate features that were developed with input from our clients at all levels including management, test operators, and HSE personnel.

This is the next generation in pressure test safety. Blast Control’s products are the superior alternative to pressure test bunkers constructed from concrete and steel. Their lightweight, mobile and modular characteristics allow personnel protection to be formed much more efficiently than traditional high pressure test cells.

Fully Retractable Helix-Steel Roof

Available options include retractable roofs for overhead crane access, casters for mobility, automated features, and more. MTX™ enclosures are bolt-up systems that require little or no construction alteration to facilities. They are lightweight and high strength.

pressure test enclosure's retractable roof

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