Pressure Test Booths

Blast Control designs and manufactures a wide array of pressure test enclosures to suit specific operational needs. We provide systems of all sizes which may be configured simi-permanent, mobile and/or modular. Available features include retractable roofs for overhead crane access, automation, pressure control equipment and more.

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Custom Pressure Test Enclosure

blast control pressure test booth

Pressure Test Booths

  • blast control pressure test booths

Fully Retractable Helix-Steel Roof

blast control fully retractable helix steel roof

MTX™ Modular Test Enclosures

blast control MTX modular test enclosures
Our line of MTX™ Modular Test Enclosures feature Pressure Pro® Barriers affixed to a modular support structure to form cutting edge pressure test booth systems.
blast control fully retractable helix steel roof

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