Currently, industry personnel are exposed to safety risks every day when working around high pressure equipment because there are no feasible or cost effective alternative solutions

Blast Control offers turn-key, permanent and mobile pressure test enclosures. We can also retrofit and add options such as retractable roofs to existing pressure test cells and bunkers. Our cost effective solutions are excellent for hydrostatic and pneumatic industry pressure testing, whether in the field or at a company facility.

Our pressure testing curtains can be installed quickly and easily to form barriers for personnel protection from high pressure equipment. These are excellent for applications such as high pressure manifolds on offshore oil rigs and proof testing equipment at company facilities during fabrication or re-certification.

Blast Control’s products are utilized in numerous industries in places never before imagined to increase safety and streamline operations. In addition to traditional pressure test enclosures and track mounted curtains, our wrap around blankets and sleeves offer the ability to form safety enclosures without the use of a structure. These structure-less barriers are a superior option for use on high pressure lines, pipe, hoses, and equipment in the field or in facilities.

In summary, Blast Control provides engineered solutions to safe guard people and equipment in virtually any industry scenario imaginable. The projectile mitigation capabilities of our systems are equivalent to concrete and steel, but in a light-weight package that can be assembled/ disassembled quickly.

Our Industry Products

  • Offer Lifesaving protection where no solutions exist currently.
  • Make tremendous cost savings achievable by avoiding removal of components or evacuation of areas when pressure testing.
  • Are light-weight, mobile, and modular
  • Allow for temporary protection in the field that is otherwise not possible
  • Fit into areas where real estate is a precious commodity
  • Form enclosures that require no structure or can be suspended from existing structures
  • Reduce costs and safety risks associated with moving components to and from test booths by bringing the enclosure to the components being tested.
  • Alleviate the need for engineering, construction, and logistics costs to achieve personnel and equipment protection.
  • Replace the need for permanent concrete and steel barriers.


Industry Applications

  • Mining
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Refineries
  • Homeland Security
  • Home Construction
  • Manufacturing Facilities
Oil & Gas Applications

  • Pressure Testing
  • Hydraulic Testing
  • Overspeed Testing
  • Protection at the Well Head
  • High Tension Cable Protection
  • Protection on the Rig
  • testing in the field
  • Testing at the Facility
  • Potential for Catastrophic Failure Events
  • High Pressure Piping – Cementing


We’ve saved oil & gas operators millions of dollars by providing the ability to pressure test equipment without shutting down or evacuating a rig.