Pressure Pro Barriers

Each of our Pressure Pro Barriers are engineered for your specific application. Our barriers are lightweight and portable. The modular system can be wrapped around equipment without a support structure or connected together to form custom barriers of any size.

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Pressure Test Enclosures

Blast Control designs and manufactures a wide array of pressure test enclosures to suit specific operational needs. We provide systems of all sizes which may be configured simi-permanent, mobile and/or modular. Available features include retractable roofs for overhead crane access, automation, pressure control equipment and more.

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Blast Blanket Wraps

Wrapping a Pressure Pro® barrier around equipment is a simple and efficient way to form a portable pressure test enclosure.

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Rail Mounted Blast Curtains

Modular Altrac trolley rails form retractable blast curtain systems commonly used to form barriers around equipment in facilities and offshore drilling rigs.

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Mobile Barrier & Enclosure Systems

A versatile new system for pressure testing protection that allows numerous barrier configurations to be formed in facilities and in the field.

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Custom Equipment Covers

We regularly provide protective covers for the high pressure units (HPUs) that supply the pressure to components for pressure testing.

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