Blast Blanket Wraps

Wrapping a Pressure Pro® barrier around equipment and connecting the barrier back to itself is a simple and efficient way to form a portable enclosure.

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Pressure Pro Core Material

Cut and Abrasion Resistant, energy absorbent material that mitigates fluid jets.

FR Vinyl Cover

100% waterproof FR Vinyl with industrial grade durability that’s flame resistant per NFPA 701(s).

Ballistic Nylon Cover

Urethane coated material with mil-spec durability and high abrasion resistance.

blast control blast blaket moveable by hoist

Modular Applications

  • Blast Control large blast blanket covering assortment of pipes
Blast Control Blast Blanket rolled up

Benefits of Blast Blankets

  1. Mitigates Projectiles
  2. Mitigates High Pressure Fluid Jet
  3. Restrains Equipment in a Failure Event
  4. Portable & Lightweight: ¾ lbs per sq ft
blast control modular blast blanket enclosure
Modular Blast Blanket Enclosure
blast control integrated anchoring system

Integrated Anchoring System

  • High Strength Amsteel Blue Synthetic Perimeter Cable
  • Used to Connect Barrier to Itself to Form Enclosure
  • Used to Connect Multiple Barriers to One Another
  • Used to Anchor to Equipment or Structure
  • Provides Uniform Distribution of Force
blast control blast blanket wraps end cap barriers
Blast Control End Cap Barrier Wrap Pressure Control

End Cap Barrier

  • Contain Components such as Blind Flanges at Pipe Spool Ends
  • Create a Cinch Around Flanges when used with a Choker Cable
  • Choker Cable can be used to Anchor the Barrier to the Opposing Spool End or to Another Structure
  • Cables are High Strength Amsteel Blue Synthetic Cables

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