Our Purpose

Blast Control exists to fill a void in industrial safety standards. We possess the ability to offer solutions that can truly save lives. We treat this ability as a great privilege and great responsibility. It is what drives our unwavering determination to change the culture in pressure testing safety. Clients see significant cost savings and efficiency gains with use of our systems which is also exceptionally gratifying for us.

Our engineering solutions team performs precise energy calculations to determine superior solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We utilize our patented technology, or develop custom products, to meet the demands of any application. Our diverse team of inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs give Blast Control strengths that set us far apart from any other organization.

The ability to provide solutions where none currently exist has top organizations across the globe turning to Blast Control to meet their increasingly challenging needs.

What We Do

Blast Control provides cutting edge engineered pressure test barriers that safeguard personnel, save money and simplify operations. Our revolutionary barriers are flexible, mobile, and efficient to use. Blast Control’s technology makes it possible to apply barriers in places where no feasible solutions exist with traditional materials. Permanent steel and concrete pressure test enclosures are a necessity of the past.

Benefits of Blast Control

  1. Each Blast Control product is engineered with safety and security as our primary objective.
  2. Blast Control is the WORLD’S ONLY provider of flexible barrier systems engineered specifically for each application and project. Our engineering analyses focus on the energy that will be applied to our barriers by the worst-case scenario potential event of concern.
  3. Blast Control is the original manufacturer of flexible pressure test barriers and our proprietary methods and patented technology is utilized to offer start-to-finish, turn-key solutions.
  4. We are an engineering solutions firm, and this is our core business. Our knowledge in the field is unsurpassed. Our innovative, engineering-driven evaluations, and the determinations they provide, are cutting-edge in the field of industrial safety.
  5. Our product’s capabilities have been proven by numerous third-party tests formulated to specifically replicate various projectiles launched from failure of pressurized equipment utilized in industrial operations such as oil and gas.
  6. The data generated from these test reports provides unbiased confirmation of our calculation methods and fitness of our products for use in high pressure industrial applications.
  7. Our risk analysis, custom development and design allows us to support clients who are uncertain of the components most likely to become projectiles or the most relevant threats posed by their equipment and test parameters.
  8. Development, design and manufacture of custom enclosure systems is a core function of Blast Control’s business. We provide solutions where none exist.