Testing & Standards

Projectile Perforation & Ballistic Limit Testing

Blast Control’s products have successfully passed perforation and ballistic limit testing conducted by independent third parties such as Baker Risk Engineering & Risk Consultants, The Pressure Test Research Cooperative, TechnipFMC and Southwest Research Institute.

Test parameters were formulated to specifically replicate various projectiles launched from failure of pressurized equipment utilized in industrial operations such as oil and gas. Additionally, Blast Control maintains in house live-fire testing capabilities utilized in ongoing R&D and product enhancement.

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Independent Testing

Testing Results

The following information details the product test results.

LocationDiameter (in)Mass (lb)Testing TypePressure (psi)Energy (ft-lb)
Baker Risk0.60.03Hydrostatic39700281
Baker Risk 22.2Pneumatic144003770
Baker Risk313Hydrostatic165009506
Baker Risk 617Pneumatic170008840
Baker Risk519Hydrostatic1700079471

Performance Comparisons

Data from test results shows that the ballistic resistance of Blast Control’s products is equivalent to 1/4″ thick carbon steel (i.e.,ASTM A 36) and 4″ thick concrete with a compressive strength of 4,000 psi.


Blast Control’s products meet or exceed the pressure test barrier design requirements of the following:

  • ABSA Standard Pneumatic Test Procedure Requirements for Piping Systems.
  • United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive’s Safety Requirements for Pressure Testing.
  • Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Pressure Testing Safety Guidelines.

Blast Control Barriers are engineered for pressure testing in accordance with the following standards:

  • API Standard 53 – Blowout Prevention Systems for Drilling Wells
  • API Standard 598 – Valve Inspection and Testing
  • API Specification 6A – Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment
  • ASTM E1003 -13 – Standard Practice for Hydrostatic Leak Testing
  • ASTM F1387 – 99 – Standard Specification for Performance of Piping and Tubing Mechanically Attached Fittings
  • ASME B31 – Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Test requirements
  • SAE AMS 2615F – Aerospace Material Specification _ Pressure Testing, Hydraulic Pressure as Specified.
  • CSA Z662: Clause 8 Pressure Testing

Blast Control’s products & materials are tested to the following standards:

  • ASTM D3775
  • ASTM D3776
  • ASTM D751
  • ASTM D3724
  • ASTM D3754
  • ASTM D3855
  • ASTM D5034
  • ASTM D5035
  • ASTM D2136
  • ASTM D2261
  • ASTM D3884
  • ISO 1043
  • ISO 11469
  • ISO 527
  • ISO 178
  • ISO 179
  • ISO 34-4
  • ISO 34-1
  • ISO 75-1/-2
  • ISO 11357-1/-3
  • ISO 11357-1/-2
  • ISO 11359-1/-2
  • ISO 306
  • ISO 1133
  • IEC 60093
  • IEC 60243-1
  • IEC 60250