Ballistic Limit Testing

Projectile Perforation & Ballistic Limit Testing

Our Pressure Pro® products have successfully passed projectile perforation/ballistic limit testing conducted by independent third parties such as Southwest Research Institute and Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants, Inc. Our products were tested to failure.

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Independent Testing

Testing Results

Several tests have been conducted by independent third party firms to determine the ballistic capabilities of Blast Control’s products. The following information details the results from tests conducted by Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants.

Location Diameter (in) Mass (lb) Testing Type Pressure (psi) Volume (ft3) Velocity (ft/sec) Energy (ft-lb)
Baker Risk 2 2.2 Hydrostatic 12500 0.296 313 3347
Baker Risk 2 2.2 Pneumatic 7000 0.041 310 3283
Baker Risk 3 13 Hydrostatic 16500 0.330 217 9506
Baker Risk 3 13 Pneumatic 13000 0.033 187 7059
Baker Risk 3+Flange 17 Hydrostatic 17000 0.330 183 8840

Performance Comparisons

Data from test results shows that the ballistic resistance of Blast Control’s products is equivalent to 1/4″ thick carbon steel (i.e.,ASTM A 36) and 4″ thick concrete with a compressive strength of 4,000 psi.