PFX™ Mobile Barrier Systems

A versatile new system for pressure testing protection that allows numerous barrier configurations to be formed in facilities and in the field.

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mobile blast control barrier top view

Versatile Pressure Testing

Blast Control’s PFX Mobile Pressure Test Barrier Systems provide a much-needed solution for many industrial pressure testing applications.

Personnel are exposed to the risks posed by high pressure equipment each day, primarily because traditional barrier designs are simply not feasible to use in many situations.

This is especially the case in field-based operations and areas where a barrier would drastically interfere with operations.

Very Modular & Fast Set-up

The PFXsystem is comprised of a number of Blast Control Blankets housed in mobile support frames. PFX Barriers can be used individually or linked together to form any barrier size and configuration needed.

This is extremely beneficial in operations where numerous types of equipment of varying dimensions are pressure tested regularly.

The PFX system allows a barrier of just the right size to be implemented and then removed after testing. The lightweight barrier sections are mobile and modular, transporting and storing easily

PFX™ Tri-Fold Partition

Single Blanket Spanning Between Two Frames Allows Barrier to Hinge at Center Span Section.

Blast Control PFX™ Tri-Fold Partition Frame ISO Render
Blast Control PFX™ Tri-Fold Partition Frame ISO Render
Blast Control PFX™ HD Mobile Barrier
Blast Control PFX™ HD Mobile Barrier
mobile blast control barrier application

Customized Solutions

PFX systems are engineered to mitigate projectiles specific to the parameters of each application.

The system is available in PFX and PFX-HD variants which are specified based on barrier size requirements and energies that may be applied to barriers system in the event of a failure.

PFX systems enhance safety, increase efficiency, and decrease operational costs.

PFX™ Linkable Partition Frames

Single Barrier with Extra Width Blanket to Span and Link to Additional Barriers to Form Varying Size Barriers

Blast Control PFX™ Tri-Fold Partition Frame ISO Render
Blast Control PFX™ Linkable Partition Frame ISO Render

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